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UPFA victory, an endorsement of govt’s development drive -President

uva elections

The UPFA landslide victory at Saturday’s Uva Provincial Council election is an endorsement of the Government’s massive development drive, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“This election victory is not only a victory for the Uva Province, but, for the entire country. The people of the Uva province have extended their support and blessings to ensure the freedom, peace and development drive in the remote areas, he added.

The President in a statement further said that the results indicate that the Uva people have rejected the malicious mudslinging election campaigns conducted by the opposition political parties against the Government.

President Rajapaksa stressed that the people’s will is vital for the country’s progress. He emphasized he would not allow anyone to undermine the needs of the people and national requirements.

“It is the responsibility of everyone to safeguard this victory, which has been achieved by people belonging to all ethnic groups and religious faiths,” the President added.

He stressed that this UPFA victory given by the people of Uva will be utilized for the betterment of people of the entire country and for the prosperity of the future generation.

The President’s message also stated that he never forgets the people of the Uva Province, who have always supported him.

The President also thanked everyone, who worked with dedication to ensure a free and fair poll.


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