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Emergency Travel Documents

1.) Non-Machine Readable Passports (NMRP)


Non Machine Readable Passports ( NMRP) are issued by this Mission only under special circumstances.

NMRP valid for six months may be issued to enable Sri Lankan nationals to return to Sri Lanka only, due to an emergency, in the following circumstances.

1 )  The original passport is lost / damaged while in Belgium and Luxembourg

2 )  Emergency situation where travel is essential within a short period, and the Passport has expired

Required documents:

Applications for NMRPs should be accompanied by the following documents.

·         Form “IM 36”

·         4 colour photographs of size 35mm x 45mm taken within 3 months

·         Present passport ( expired or damaged one )

·         Original Police report with English translation issued by the Police Station to which complaint was made regarding the loss of the passport. This Police certificate should be legalized by the relevant government authority.

·         Declaration form (Form D) (if the applicant does not have a passport)

·         Application for addition/deletion of children's names where necessary

·         Original Birth certificate

·         Original Sri Lanka National Identity Card

·         Original Marriage Certificate where applicable

·         Travel itinerary/Return Air ticket

·         Relevant fee and additional charges if the applicant is not in possession of a passport


2.) Temporary Travel Documents (TTD)


The Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo has introduced a new web- based system for issuance of Temporary Travel Documents ( TTD ) from 01st   August 2012.

Therefore the previous procedure of issuing Emergency Certificates was terminated on 31.07.2012.

The TTD should be issued to Sri Lankans who return to Sri Lanka without possessing a valid passport and the passage is arranged by the authorities in the host country.  And the approval for TTD will be granted only by the Department of Immigration & Emigration in Colombo after examination & verification of information presented by the Mission.

*** please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy for more information





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